Echo Environmental offers qualified and experienced consultants for all of your environmental needs.

Echo Environmental Inc. provides the following consulting services:

  • Pipeline environmental and construction inspection
  • Detailed Site Assessments
  • Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 Environmental Site Assessments
  • Pre Construction Assessments which include EFR's on Public Lands
  • Reclamation Planning and Management
  • Remediation: Pipeline breaks, spills and well site reclamation and remediation programs.
  • Full Decommissioning of regulated activities
  • Budgeting and managing reclamation programs
  • Consultation and implimentation of weed control programs
  • Gas Migration Testing
  • Drilling Waste Management
Slope restoration and hydro-seeding.

Using a gas sniffer during a cut and cap abandonment.

Seeding a lease.

Drilling on an abandoned oil lease as part of a Phase II Assessment.

Washing equipment to prevent the spread of clubroot.

Straw crimping on pipeline right-of-way.